There is a saying that it’s never good to meet one’s idols because you’ll be sorely disappointed.

That adage would have to wait after what happened at the 2023 Ɔdadeɛ Torch & Bonfire Night held at the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Legon.

Superstar musician Sarkodie had just brought the house down with an incredibly charged performance, and he did not even finish soaking the adulation when another emotional moment hit.

Michael Yeboah, a third-year student of the school, was ushered on stage with something in his hand. Sarkodie, who was unsure what was going on, could be seen asking his entourage what was happening.

The night’s emcee, Lexis Bill, then told the multiple-award-winning musician how the young visual arts student, hearing that Sarkodie was billed to perform, sketched a stunning portrait as a gift.

Moved to near tears, a smiling Sarkodie (real name Michael Owusu Addo) said to his namesake: “I was a visual arts student like you, and I want you to know that it is not the subject you study that makes you, but the passion you apply to it. Keep going and never stop!”

The crowd, made up mostly of continuing and old students of the school, roared in approval, and started chanting ‘Obidi! Obidi! Obidi!’


The exchange between the two Michaels was a fitting finale to a fantastic evening of food, drinks, entertainment, and bonhomie, served by the old boys of the school, known as Ɔdadeɛ.

At the end of the show, young Michael – in his white shirt and khaki trousers – could be seen walking contentedly with friends toward his dormitory.

He would never forget the day Sarkodie spoke life into his dreams – and neither will the estimated 5000 people who made it to the school for the event.