After the expedition from Accra to London was a success, the cars that were used are being shipped back to Ghana.

A few days ago, information concerning some Ghanaians who had driven from Accra to London utilizing cars was widely shared on social media.

The participants reached London after 16 days of travel, and many Ghanaians praised them for bringing attention to their homeland on a global scale.

The vehicles used for the journey were being put into shipping containers in a Facebook post published by Wanderlust Ghana.

This suggests that the tourists will be going back to Ghana soon.
The caption on the picture read, “Well done gentlemen, let’s go home.

The group of 13 individuals initially started with eight vehicles but three broke down the road, leaving five cars to complete the journey. The cars are; two Toyota Landcruisers, a Mercedes G Wagon, a Ford F-150 and a Lexus RX 350.