USA-based Ghanaian musician, Archipalago, is unhappy about how the Asakaa Boys have treated him.

Archipalago said they have refused to share his song despite the support he gave to them at the time they were not in the limelight.

According to him, they gave an excuse that his song is Amapiano so they cannot share it, or else it will overtake drill music.

He questioned if their excuse makes sense.

Archipalago wrote on Twitter: “Told the asakaa boys to share my song on their IG page and one of them told me it’s #Amapiano so they won’t share it otherwise it will overcome the #drill music… after all the support I have given them! does this make sense to y’all?”

He added: “I showed love to The Asakaa boys even when they were underground to limelight and even in America I showed massive love but no love showed back.. Aight it’s all good tho!”