Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur says that one of his biggest challenges as a rapper is being in the public eye.

According to him, his fear of being judged by the public because of his fame is one of his challenges as an artist.

Speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show, the rapper said as a public figure, everyone gets to see everything about your life and also makes people have opinions and judge you. He explained that the situation makes him so uncomfortable.

“Being in the public light, like everyone seeing what you do, everyone trying to judge your moves, yeah I felt that’s a big challenge. Sometimes it gets uncomfortable, but I feel like it comes with the job I do so, I just have to swallow the pill it comes with.”

Speaking about some of the surprises he has encountered in the music industry, Kwesi Arthur stated that “there’s a lot of lies; a lot of smoke screens”.

“It’s like a lot of CAP; a lot of lies like a lot of smoked screens. Things people put out are not what it is.”

“There was this pornography video going about, people were saying it was me, but it wasn’t actually me. But the way the person took the video, degraded the quality of the video so you couldn’t really tell and the guy had dreads like me. Even when the original high-quality video was put out and you could clearly tell it’s not me, people were still saying oh it’s me, it’s me,” Kwesi Arthur recounted.