Ghanaian rapper and singer Black Sherif turned heads on social media with his unique fashion choice at a concert in The Gambia. The “Oil On My Head” hitmaker donned a multiple-layered tulle top and trousers, paired with black boots, prompting a mix of criticism and laughter from fans who likened his look to that of a flower boy. The artist’s bold and distinctive style created a social media frenzy, with discussions about his outfit dominating online conversations.


BLACKO, as he prefers to be known, has introduced a fashion style that mirrors the bold and unapologetic nature of his music lyrics. His recent attire during a performance in Gambia matched this fearless approach. Making his debut performance in Gambia on November 25th, the VGMA Artiste of The Year didn’t disappoint, providing the audience with a show that truly justified the price of admission.

His unique fashion statement has become a topic of discussion, showcasing an artistic expression that goes beyond the stage. The audience witnessed not only a musical spectacle but also an exploration of BLACKO’s distinctive and daring aesthetic. As social media buzzes with reactions to his performance and outfit, it’s clear that BLACKO’s impact extends beyond his musical prowess.