The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies, Accra, (UPSA), has admonished freshers of the university to focus on their studies and ignore love proposals from their colleagues.

Addressing the first-year students during the matriculation ceremony on Friday, Prof. Abednego F.O. Amartey, said the campus boys and girls will break their hearts if they focus on relationships rather than on their books.

“You are here for four years, two years, three focus on your studies,” he said.

He added that “I know what I’m saying, some of you will tell yourselves, you have heard me but you won’t heed the advice. Well, the results have always been the same, broken heart awaits you.”

He further stated that as freshmen, they will be bombarded with proposals from continuing students, but that focus should be their guiding word.

“I recall in our days on campus, we called it October rush, they will come to you like butterflies but please take it easy, take your time,” he said.

Take your time, study, pass, come for your masters then you will have the license to do anything. For now, your parents are paying your fees,” Prof Amartey added.

The UPSA Vice-Chancellor urged the first-year students to “make sure they are transformed by the end of your diploma or degree course.”

“Look for a fine balance between studies and work that will prepare you to do exploits after school. Do not lose sight of why you are here, the university will do all it can but you are responsible for yourself.”

According to him, “Coming this far is an exciting moment in your life, one that will help you develop intellectually, personally and socially.”

As result, they should seize the opportunity to study hard towards the attainment of the programme and not to compromise on that.