A lady is suing artist Chris Brown, saying he sedated and assaulted her on a yacht in 2020.

In the claim recorded Wednesday, the lady, who is alluded to as Jane Doe, says her companion welcomed her to a yacht moored external Sean Combs’ home in Florida for a party on Dec. 30, 2020. At the point when she arrived, the claim expresses that Brown welcomed her to the kitchen, where he gave her a beverage, and they discussed her music vocation.

Earthy colored then, at that point, filled her cup a subsequent time, and that is the point at which she says she began to feel “an abrupt, unexplained change in awareness,” as per the claim. She began to fall all through rest, and that is when Brown purportedly driven her to a room, eliminated her two-piece bottoms, and began to kiss her, she says. Doe says that he discharged within her without her assent and afterward “bounced up” and declared he was “done.”

The following day, as indicated by the claim, Brown messaged Doe and said he was “blurred” the other day and “requested” she take a Plan B, which she did. Doe saw Brown twice after the supposed assault, and during one of those occasions, she says she declined to go with Brown to his room. The suit claims Brown then, at that point, became “perturbed” and called Doe a whore. Since the supposed assault, Doe has encountered “extreme passionate pain,” including emotional episodes, fits of anxiety, and has occupied with self-hurt.

Doe – depicted as a choreographer, artist, model, and melodic craftsman – is looking for $20 million in harms.

“We expect to consider ALL parties responsible so we may start to kill this conduct from our general public,” her lawyer, Ariel E. Mitchell, said in an assertion.

On Instagram Friday, Brown posted a story, expressing, “I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF (CAP) at whatever point im delivering music or tasks, ‘THEY’ attempt to pull some genuine horse crap.” Brown’s attorney didn’t promptly react to a solicitation for input, neither did a delegate for Combs.

Brown has a criminal history going back years, remembering for 2009, when he conceded to lawful offense attack for hitting Rihanna. In 2013, Brown was captured in Washington, DC, for lawful offense attack for punching a man. He burned through a day and a half in prison.