It is a good feeling for musicians to have huge support from their home country but Afrobeats artiste, Camidoh, says that is not enough for an artiste who wants to make it globally.

To Camidoh, Ghanaian musicians should not be content with just their fans in the country but also move from their comfort zone to win more fans outside by touring other countries.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Camidoh said “it is just right that a musician tours different countries, make themselves popular there and win more fans. That is the only way we can be heard beyond Ghana and become global artistes and I am working towards that.”

“I want to be a global icon and as we talk now, I am currently preparing to go to Nigeria and other African counties to make myself and my music popular. We will only be known in Ghana if we don’t make it a deliberate attempt to move out of our comfort zone and make ourselves popular.”

Camidoh noted that he also understands that many don’t have the support, especially on the financial front to help push their crafts beyond Ghana.

He stated that a corporate entity, for example, could team up with some artistes and support them with whatever is needed to go global.

Asked if it was difficult to be consistent as a musician, the Sugarcane hitmaker answered affirmatively and added that it is especially tough for a young musician in the industry.

“If you don’t have people investing and pushing your music out there, how can you be consistent? You will just have the best songs and it just stays with you. How can you be consistent when you play shows and you are not paid?”

“You need money to record new songs, pay for music videos and get your name out there. I am glad I have a team who sees to it that my music career reaches the topmost height. With such a solid team behind you, you are rest assured that you will go places,” he said.

Talking about how Sugarcane became a massive hit, Camidoh said the media helped in pushing the song everywhere.

“While TV and radio were busily pushing the song, TikTok Ghana was also promoting it. In all, I am grateful to Ghanaians for pushing the song.

“Massive shout out to King Promise, Darkoo and Mayorkun from Nigeria who made the song number one in Nigeria when he featured on the remix. Mayorkun promoted the song for me and that tells how powerful collaborations can be,” he said.