Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has expressed disappointment in actor Adjetey Anang for claiming he never had sex outside his marriage despite admitting in his recently launched memoir that he cheated on his wife in various emotional and physical forms.

In Adjetey Anang’s book, he writes; “I have been in very compromising situations with ladies” and admits that “yes, I have cheated on my wife before in the various forms that cheating could be defined as, both emotionally and physically”.

He also goes on to apologize to his wife and the women he has been involved with along his life journey, telling them he is “deeply sorry” and adds he is “committed to rebuilding” his marriage.

The actor, in a Television interview, however refutes having sex outside marriage and explains the cheating he mentioned in his book titled “Adjetey Annan: A Story of Faith, Imperfection, and Resilience” was about lust.

He further clarified that it had to do with him hugging another woman.

But Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, an entertainment analyst and a pundit on UTV’s “United Showbiz”, thinks the actor lacks the temerity to tell the public the truth.

He believed Adjetey Anang’s excuse of hugging a woman is an afterthought following the public backlash about him cheating on his wife.

Arnold jabbed the actor saying “he shouldn’t underestimate how discerning we are as a people. He should not belittle our level of intelligence” and advised him to own his confession.

“Own it! Once you pen it, own it!! There’s nothing, you know, outrageous about it”, he bellowed.