Renowned music producer Kaywa has advised his former signees Mr Drew and Lasmid, to reframe from insulting the platform or people that have played a significant role in shaping their careers to where it is today.

According to Kaywa, although the two are no longer part of the record label, it was through his platform that they gained recognition and opportunities to showcase their talents to a broader audience.

The music producer’s statement came after Mr Drew made controversial remarks that appeared to discredit his former boss. 

Mr Drew and Lasmid, who had previously benefited from Kaywa’s guidance and mentorship, seemingly disregarded the significance of the platform that contributed to their success.

“Don’t insult the platform that brought you where you are today” Kaywa sad in an interview on 3FM.

The music producer emphasized the importance of showing gratitude and appreciation to those who played a pivotal role in their artistic journey.