In an interview with Delay, Ghanaian actress Madam Grace Omaboe, well known by her stage as Maame Dokono, revealed her worst personal regret.

The war veteran talks about how she wishes she hadn’t gotten a divorce from her first spouse. She was too young to understand his generosity, he said.

Many people are sharing a video of the actress from 2012 in which she talks about her many marriages in the hopes that her message would go viral.

“I have been married twice, but I suffered very much during the last one. I always say that if I knew how my second marriage would have turned out, I would have stayed with my first husband,” Maame Dokono told Delay.

Maame Dokono elaborated that she had left her first spouse due to pressure from their disputes and her own lack of knowledge. She said that even though he is married, they are still friends and that he is there for her whenever she needs him.

Mame Dokono claims that her second husband did not treat her properly, despite providing her with all the material comforts money could buy.



“I always say that if I knew the intricacies of marriage that I know now, I wouldn’t have left him (her first husband).

“After leaving these two marriages, I want to devote my life to helping underprivileged women and children.”

Maame Dokono had some parting words of wisdom for Delay and all the single women out there before we wrapped up our interview.

She advised, “Have patience, and marry a man who will appreciate you for who you are.” You’ve found a man who loves you. Someone who won’t try to trick you with his good looks and bank account.

“Communicate with him so that you can understand each other. Don’t be too proud. Time changes. Be humble and find a good man. Good men are scarce, so when you find one, cherish him like an egg.”