There is no doubt we have come a long way in the struggle for equal opportunities and same rights, but it is also true that there is still a long way to go. Digital marketing and content creation has been a field largely dominated by men in Africa even though young ladies with the right training have the potential in excelling in this field.


Today we throw light on a young lady who’s joining force with other talented creatives to penetrate this thriving industry in Ghana. Being a graphic designer and the now director of operations at Entamoty Media Ltd (content creation and digital marketing company) Janet Owusu has made clear her intentions to help many young ladies with potential receive adequate training in digital marketing and content creation as part of the ways of solving the many unemployment situations in Ghana.

Janet and Wode Maya

Speaking to a freelance journalist of the 1957 News, Janet elaborated even further about her career vision. “ After my active role as the community Relations manager at the YouTube festival Ghana, i realized that there are so many potentials and opportunities for females in this space” I saw genuine passion and readiness for action of young girls creating original contents plus those ready to harness other digital marketing skills. I have began talks with partners and hoping with my influence at ENTAMOTY we can create a hub to train young females ready to learn and impact future generations. We have done it before on a smaller scale when we trained females only in content creation and hoping this time we can broaden our scope.”
Janet Owusu.

Janet Owusu is a graphic designer and the director of operations at Entamoty Media Ltd. She is one of the major key players in this fastest growing new media company. She is also an IATA certified candidate passionate about the global travel and tourism industry, for which traveling and being on an adventure happens to be part of her hobbies.