The outreach took place on Thursday August 31st in the Nkanfua Community inside Cape Coast.

The day begun with a sex education talk, menstrual hygiene and the importance of sexual consent. Sanitary pads were been distributed at the end of the talk after an engaging forum of Q&As from the student. They later distributed some of the sanitary pads to the community to assist in the reduction of period poverty which is a ravaging social concern amongst teenagers in the rural communities.

Epiphany, team lead of the Epiphany Foundation is a Jamaican living in the United Kingdom, with her team, chose these two schools; St Paul’s Catholic School and Rev Alec Methodist School to teach students sex education and to distribute sanitary pads to the girls in both schools.

Ami, the team’s sex coach, taught the students how to deal with sexual harassment, the importance of consent and how to avoid teenage pregnancy, which is a major issue and a concern of the community.

Teenage pregnancy is highly common in the region, and the poverty rate is very high. Therefore, some of the girls between the ages of 13 and 15 get pregnant due parental pressure pushing them away from home to go fend for themselves. This contributes to them sleeping with men for money to take care of themselves.

The community received the team with open arms and Epiphany made a promise she will be coming back to help the community as much as she can.