Popular Ghanaian rapper Michael Owusu Addo Known as Sarkodie , has expressed dissatisfaction at the manner in which Africans who are trying to escape the ongoing unrest and killings in Ukraine are being treated at the border.

Earlier, incidents of racial discrimination against Africans trying to flee the conflict in Ukraine, after Russia invaded the eastern European country, were shared on social media.

A particular video of some police and army officers threatening to shoot some African students who fled Ukraine to Poland’s border while others were left under the cold weather, also made its way to social media.

This has since sparked outrage and received countless condemnations from Africans, particularly Ghanaians on social media.

Sarkodie, , who also appears to have been keeping tabs on the situation, shared a post by popular politician, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, condemning the ill-treatment meted out to Africans.

“Black people! Even in war there is discrimination against us! The AU must speak with a collective voice against the treatment of blacks & Africans in Ukraine, & areas of temporary refuge, who like the rest, are only looking to protect their lives & get back some peace somewhere,” Gabby wrote.

Sarkodie, retweeted Gabby’s post and added his opinion: “Even in war. Smh. God be with our people out there, even in these dark times.”

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