Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Peter Famiyeh Bozah, popularly known as Fameye, recently opened up about an intriguing aspect of his journey to success in the music industry.


During a recent interview on Hitz FM’s DayBreak Hitz with Andy Dosty, the ‘Praise’ hitmaker revealed that he once visited several pastors seeking spiritual handkerchiefs and oil to enhance his music career. He explained that he purchased various items, including handkerchiefs and oil, in hopes of overcoming poverty and achieving success in his music endeavors.


Reflecting on his experiences, Fameye admitted that while he initially believed these spiritual aids would propel his career forward, he eventually realized that his hard work and faith in God were the driving forces behind his success. Despite acquiring these items from churches, he expressed doubts about their effectiveness in his journey.


Emphasizing the role of hard work and divine intervention in his musical achievements, Fameye underscored that relying solely on spiritual items was not the key to his success. He acknowledged the importance of perseverance and faith, noting that his experiences have shaped his perspective on his path to success.

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