A Father’s Day changed from joy in the morning to sorrow in the evening.

A father has lost his daughter in the most painful way any one could imagine at KNUST.

This father drove her daughter to school this morning to pay her school fees.

The daughter a student of the Kwame University of Science and Technology, KNUST was accompanied by the father to school in the morning of Friday January 4, 2022.

The father paid the daughter’s school fees and hostel fees while on campus with her.

He returned back to work only to receive a call around 5pm that car has knocked dead a young girl.

The father was called to come to the KNUST Hospital morgue to verify if the victim is her daughter.


Unfortunately when he got to the morgue, it was her daughter whom he drove to school, paid school fees, hostel fees.

The young girl lost her life in the school without a minute in class and not matriculation.