The manager of Kwesi Ackon the Taxi Driver says she’s been attacked helping the man.



Roberta Maanaa Quaye  who calls herself manager of Kwesi Ackon has revealed that Ghanaians are attacking her for picking up the role as the manager of Taxi Driver who returned 8,400 cedis to the market woman.

Ever since the video of the Taxi Driver went viral, the lady is always around him wherever he goes.

She practically spends every day with him when he is touring media houses and when driving to receive monetary rewards from people who are touched by his honesty.


Ghanaians online do not get why the lady keeps hanging around the man in the name of being his manager.




Empress has been attacked by some Netizens as they think the man doesn’t need any manager trying to tap into his shine.

According to Empress she is the one who recorded the video and trended it on social media.





She says after the video went viral, people reached out to her on social media requesting to see the driver and reward him.

The lady says the driver himself told her that he doesn’t know about social media and since she’s the one who have trended the video, she should manage him.