Africa rap heavyweight born Micheal Owusu Addo but professionally known as Sarkodie has shaken the internet once again with his latest super-expensive purchase.

The lyrical god has splashed a whopping 16,209 euros which is equivalent to GHc 150, 508.24 on a single sneaker.

In a set of new dope pictures that have been dropped by the multiple award-winning rapper on his social media pages, Sarkodie was rocking a pair of Nike MAG (Back to the future) 2011 made sneakers.

The price alone of this single sneaker a can set up a small scale business or build a house in my village Agona Swedru (Wawawse) to be precise but Sarkodie decided to waste it on a shoe that he can’t even wear again because of his celebrity status.

According to a majority of social media users who strongly believe Sarkodie’s urge to play the status game is very unnecessary and shouldn’t be tolerated although it’s his own money.

The rap veteran could have changed and impacted the lives of his struggling die-hard fans by sharing the 1.5 billion amongst them to set up their own business because that’s what positive influence is all about.

We have all lived long enough to witness the worse conditions most of our celebrities find themselves in – After the end of their primes therefore Sarkodie should be mindful of how he throws money around.

Below is a picture of Sarkodie’s most talked about 1.5 billion that has taken over social media trends at the moment.

Most of our celebrities lack financial literacy and that’s why they go broke after the buzz and euphoria around them fades.

The lives of TT, Kiki Gyan, William Addo, Super OD etc should be critically studied by this current crop of celebrities.