Shatta Wale has once again put the spotlight on the historic collab he had with multiple Grammy award-winning artist Beyonce in a new interview that underlines how much he cherishes this chapter in his illustrious career.

In a new interview conducted on Sammy Flex TV, Wale asserted that Beyonce’s collaboration on the Lion King Project elevated and sanctified his brand after his image was perpetually dented by a cross-section of the media and propagandists.

The SM boss is quoted as saying; “I’ve spoken to businesses that have said to me, ‘Oh, we wanted to sign you, but you had this issue and your media folks [said this and that],’ so they said we should forget it. large, big businesses.

He profusely thanked Queen Bey for coming through for him at the time that he was being torn apart by the media owing to his volatile and no-nonsense persona.

“God bless Beyonce, I keep repeating this because when her team sat down with her and said they wanted to collaborate with me, it wasn’t just a trivial event.

There, God’s involvement was felt. God may have said to her, ‘Come and rescue my son because, contrary to the way others are perceiving him, I want you to paint a wonderful image of him,’ which is what I believe she heard,” Wale said emotionally.

‘Already’ is by far Shatta Wale’s greatest collaboration. The song attracted international buzz following its release on the album by Beyonce.

Beyonce has previously talked about the project saying; “It started out simple, in my backyard,” she said. I wanted to do one or two videos for The Gift album, then it just grew. Before we knew it, we were shooting in Nigeria, Ghana, London, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, where we filmed with the women of the Himba tribe.”