Ghanaian singer and host, Michelle Diamond, better known as Shatta Michy has praised Gyakie, a fellow artist in the music industry, for using her talent instead of her body to achieve global success.

Female artists have often felt the pressure to use their bodies to gain attention and success in the music industry, but Michy believes that Gyakie has changed the game by proving that great music can be made without resorting to sexual exposure.

Michy who appeared as a guest on the Ladies Circle on TV3 praised Gyakie for her approach to music, saying that she is setting a positive example for young female artists.

“It is a little sexualized in the industry but can I name drop?? People like Gyakie have come to show us that you don’t have to expose yourself sexually to trend for your music,” Michy said.

Michy hopes that more female artists including herself will follow in Gyakie’s footsteps and focus on their talent and artistry rather than relying on their bodies to gain attention.

“I don’t think she’s ever looked sexual, she’s always in a good outfit and that’s what I am also trying do personally and musically when I come back, I don’t want to go back to wearing transparent clothing to trend”

Michy herself has been a prominent figure in Ghana’s music industry, but she’s also faced criticism for her clothing choices and perceived sexualization.

She says that she’s learning to build a sound that is quality and does not need sexuality to sell.

“The music should be quality and you can always incorporate sexy in a way that is classy. Let’s not use the word decent but sexy and classy. “

Michy’s comments serve as a reminder that female artists can be successful without resorting to sexualization and that the industry should focus more on talent and artistry rather than physical appearance.