Nigerian Afrobeats star Burna Boy was Africa’s only performer at this year’s Grammy Awards presented from the Arena in Los Angeles, US, on February 5, 2024.

Despite not winning any awards, the artist, the sole African artist featured in this year’s line-up, rendered a mash-up of three songs taken from his new album “I Told Them”.

Burna Boy’s performance was introduced by South African comedian and former “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah. He was also accompanied by instrumentalists and dancers attired in indigenous African clothing and ornaments.

The singer’s setlist included ‘On Form’, ‘City Boy’, and ‘Sittin on Top of the World’. For that last song, he was joined by US rapper 21 Savage and R&B singer Brandy.

As the global music landscape continues to celebrate diversity and talent from around the world, Ghanaian musicians have increasingly gained recognition for their unique sound and artistic prowess.

While the Grammy Awards have been a pinnacle for international recognition, here are five Ghanaian artists who have the potential to shake up the Grammy stage:


Sarkodie, often hailed as Africa’s rap icon, seamlessly blends traditional Ghanaian rhythms with contemporary rap. His lyrical prowess and international collaborations have carved a niche for him on the global stage. A Grammy performance by Sarkodie would undoubtedly showcase the lyrical genius that has made him a household name.


Efya, Ghana’s soulful enchantress, has captivated audiences with her velvety voice and genre-defying sound. Her ability to seamlessly navigate various musical styles positions her as a versatile force. A Grammy spotlight on Efya would undoubtedly highlight the depth and versatility of Ghanaian vocal artistry.


Stonebwoy, a maestro in the realm of Dancehall and Reggae, has effortlessly bridged the gap between local and international acclaim. With his infectious beats and socially conscious lyrics, Stonebwoy’s magnetic stage presence could undoubtedly electrify the Grammy audience, bringing the spirit of Ghana to the forefront.


Wiyaala, often hailed as the “Lioness of Africa,” brings a unique blend of Afro-pop and traditional Ghanaian sounds. Her powerful voice and fearless approach to her craft make her a strong contender for a Grammy nod, reflecting the rich diversity of Ghanaian music.


Samini’s enduring presence in the Reggae and Dancehall genres has solidified him as a Ghanaian music icon. His soulful tunes and socially relevant messages could resonate with Grammy voters, earning him a spot on the esteemed stage.

Black Sherif

In the new wave of Ghanaian music, Black Sherif has quickly risen to prominence with his unique style and socially conscious lyrics. Despite being a newcomer, his impact on the local scene suggests that he could be a game-changer, making him a wildcard for Grammy recognition, representing the evolving sounds of Ghana.