Obrafour has told the media recently his style of music and everything that embodies his musical persona was derived from Highlife.

While interacting with Graphic Showbiz, the indigenous rapper who is considered the greatest GH rapper of all time cited the likes of Nana Ampadu, Adofo and the Ramblers as his musical influences and how they set him on the path of greatness.

“Growing up, I remember my dad used to have a pile of records of Highlife albums and will play it every Sunday from morning to evening.

I used to listen to the likes of Ramblers, Nana Ampadu, Adofo and other great Highlife musicians and that gave me a lot of ideas and deep in-depth knowledge of music.

“My compositions, my delivery are all a result of the good Highlife music I had the privilege to listen to when I was young. The story telling in my music is from Highlife music. When I started my music career with sound engineer Hammer, I was doing Highlife but Hammer advised that I do rap” he told the Daily Graphic in an interview.

He explains that he is a better rapper because of the influence of the Highlife he listened to over a long period of time. “In fact, the likes of Adofo, CK Mann, Ramblers, Nana Ampadu shaped my Hiplife career because these musicians played a major role in my music. The proverbs, adjectives and the wise sayings are things I picked from Highlife that guided me to do better music. I have benefited a lot from Highlife music” he revealed.

The veteran rhymer also revealed how Ghanaians embraced him wholeheartedly when he laced his composition with proverbs and profundity.

“When Ghanaians bought into my rap, it gave me the zeal to do more and now every song I do is motivated by Highlife and I have no regret spending a lot of time to pay attention to all these great musicians in the past” he stated.