Celebrity chef Hilda Baci has once again stirred the culinary conversation by reevaluating her stance on Ghana Jollof, eliciting surprise from both Ghanaians and Nigerians. Following her previous viral video where she favored Nigerian Jollof, stating that Ghana’s lacked flavor, Hilda Baci has now shifted her opinion after tasting it again.

In a recent video captured during her stay in Ghana, Hilda was seen sampling Ghana Jollof once more. When asked for her opinion, she responded with laughter, declaring, “It’s nice, I mean I love the one I just had.” This unexpected change in perspective comes after she faced significant backlash for her initial remarks on Ghana Jollof’s flavor profile.

Hilda, who is currently in Ghana and was seen in a video alongside Ghanaian singer Becca, expressed her willingness to grant another interview to discuss her newfound appreciation for Ghana Jollof. This turn of events raises the intriguing question: Will Hilda now favor Ghana Jollof over Nigeria Jollof? The culinary saga continues.