Honcho of the vociferous Shatta Movement fraternity, Shatta Wale has recently mentioned in an interview how he lost business deals because of how the media portray him.

The most decorated African Dancehall artist said he lost out on a lot of deals owing to the negative press that dominate his career and this is something he is not happy about.

“I’ve spoken to businesses that have said to me, ‘Oh, we wanted to sign you, but you had this issue and your media folks [said this and that],’ so they said we should forget it. large, big businesses,” he said on Class TV on the program Class Showbiz hosted by Sammy Flex.

He said one thing some of the propagandists fail to release is that in their pursuit to ruin him, they ultimately do is damage the reputations of all Ghanaian artists.

I keep telling people that you don’t believe you’re harming me, but you’re hurting all of us. I put money on the table when I earn it, and we all benefit. Therefore, I believe that those things [unrestrained unfavourable criticism] must end.