Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai, where he lived, in June 2020. In a statement, acting United States Attorney Tracy Wilkinson said Hushpuppi and others faked the financing of the school “by playing the roles of bank officials and creating a bogus website”

His case is still in process and he has pleaded guilty to scamming many people and money laundering. According to BBC Pidgin, the United States Attorney’s office at the central district of California say Huspapi will be sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on Valentine’s day which is “14th February ,2022”

Huspapi pleaded quality for all of the crimes against him including money laundering and defrauding people online. The documents was signed by huspapi, his lawyer, Louis Shapiro for accepting his crimes.

In the document, it stated that Huspapi “20 years’ imprisonment; 3 years of supervised release; a fine of $500,000 or twice the gross gain or gross loss resulting from the offense”.
Also, the court had ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to arrest his accomplices for the role they acted in his mastermind crime, and that people include Head of the Intelligence Response Team, Abba Kyari who helped Huspapi scam 1 million dollars.

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