Ghanaian afrobeats and highlife singer-songwriter KiDi’s stroke and subsequent liver cancer diagnosis became the biggest news in the country.

The suspension of KiDi’s GoldenBoy North American tour, which was scheduled to begin early this year, was widely believed to be the result of his ongoing battle with a stroke.

Because it was assumed that the VGMA Award recipient had just a limited time left on earth, this heartbreaking news caused concern among Ghanaians.

His administration refuted the claims in a tweet, which was later supported by a number of videos proving he is in fact not immobile.

As a result of the extensive distribution of the information, KiDi released a statement explaining his present health status and refuting claims that he has a stroke.

In a song, KiDi addressed his illness once more, saying that if he ever showed his loved ones his liver, they would sob uncontrollably.

Additionally, he discussed how despite having been in agony for a while, he always attempts to smile while among others.

Many Ghanaians became more alarmed as a result of KiDi’s recent sentiments made through his music and began to pray for the performer.

So, after taking a pause from his work due to demanding health concerns, KiDi has agreed to his first interview.

Finally, the musician has opened up about his condition. He claims that he has not had a stroke and does not also have liver illness.

In the interview, KiDi expressed his shock at how people believed he had such a grave health condition.


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