Afua Aduonum has sparked reactions online after she opened up on an incident that happened when she was performing at the singing marathon.

In an interview on Kingdome Fm, Afua said while performing the songs of the late Ebony Reigns, she felt the late musician’s presence in the glass booth.

She narrated that on one occasion, the door of the glass booth which was always shut suddenly opened while she was performing one of Ebony’s song.

“There was one particular door we never opened unless there was a visitor coming in, but during the time I was singing Ebony’s song, the door opened on its own, and that was when I felt Ebony’s presence.

Afua Asantewaa is currently waiting on the Guinness World Record to complete her review.

The Guinness World Record said that they were currently reviewing Afua’s attempt and would get back to her as soon as possible, however, Afua has said that she cannot wait for 12 weeks for the GWR to complete its review, hence, has paid for a premium review.

According to her, with an amount of US$650, the premium review can be done between 1 and 5 business days.

She revealed that even though the premium review cost 650 dollars, she ended up paying 750 dollars.