He mentioned that even though the likes of Ivan Quashigah believed in his abilities, there were other film producers who worked behind the scenes to derail his efforts.

The Fortune Island actor said there were times his roles were even taken from him because some industry persons and those “who called the shot” felt he didn’t qualify for it.

Speaking at the third edition of the Graphic Showbiz Forum today, July 25, Prince said but for his eagerness and drive to succeed, he would have given up and killed his dreams.

“I felt unwanted in the movie industry. There was this feeling like ‘where is he coming from?’ I felt that bad energy but all the victimization kept me going.

“When I got cast for The Dead, people made mockery of me. Sometimes you go on set, they don’t give you room, you wear something and they tell you it’s too nice. At a point, it was me and Martha Ankomah, Opera Square stopped selling our movies.

Speaking on the sidelines of his experience in the Ghanaian movie industry, he urged up-and-coming actors to remain steadfast in their commitment and persevere in the face of deliberate saboteurs from industry saboteurs.

“It’s all about you attracting people. Don’t give up when you come face to face with these kind of people who would sabotage you in the industry.”




Source: graphic.com.gh