An interview with AK songstress and his manager Duke Banson who has managed her for the past 7 years and still doing so to push her up there for her songs to sale globally . He Gave some reasons they are promoting their music in Nigeria more than Ghana. Christian Agyei Frimpong the  Anigye Mmere show on Onua fm asked what was his highest money given to a DJ to play their song.Mr.Banson reveals the he gave $20,000 to someone who claims to he could push AK music to the top and the result was he did nothing not knowing he is the worst of all at the end he told him stories.

This is the reason why he decided to promote the song from Nigeria. Jonathan got most attention in Nigeria and other 15 countries when it started trending in other countries that when Ghanaians also started paying attention to it and he added by that time Jonathan is huge.

He then  said “they will say anything just to take your money from you and later tell  you something else, I spent quarter of what I had spent in Ghana for promotion in Nigeria and the song is everywhere”

Let keep on supporting our Ghana made.