Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, better known by his stage name Black Sherif, is a rapidly growing artist in Ghana.

Blacko, who grew up in Konongo Zongo in the Ashanti Region, claims that he was heavily influenced by the popularity of dancehall music from an early age.

Black Sherif, appearing on Asaase Radio in Accra via virtual interview from London, revealed that although his mother introduced him to Highlife, his father first played him Reggae.

“The first song I ever created was a dancehall tune, so I guess you could call myself a dancehall artiste from the days of Konongo Zongo when I first began making music.

“The reality is that, as a kid growing up in my area, I was heavily influenced by dancehall music since that was what most other kids listened to.

“Black Sherif informed the presenter, “My mom originally let me listen to Highlife songs, and my dad generally listened to reggae music, but dancehall music is so enormous among the kids in the Zongos around the nation.”