Media Personality, George Quaye has expressed his disappointment about the quality of Black Sherif’s music videos to his hit songs, ‘Soja’ and ‘Kweku The Traveler’. 

In his opinion the young star could have done better.

“I saw the video (Soja music video) and I was disappointed. His other song also, ‘Kweku the Traveller’ video to me, my personal opinion, I thought it could be better video. But forget all of that, listen to what the man is saying, that is what is making all the international acts connect,” he said said on the United Showbiz show.

Although George Quaye hasn’t been impressed with Black Sherif’s music videos, his lyrical prowess has drawn him to the young star.

According to George Quaye, listening to Black Sherif’s music is stimulating and in some cases relatable because he tells his story and life experiences.


“The thing he has that a lot of artistes had but somewhere along the line they lost, originality. In this industry, there’s nothing better than that you’re telling your story, you’re sharing your experience. Especially when you’re a musician…When they are sharing their own stories through music, there’s some passion,” he stated.

To him, Black Sherif’s musical compilation isn’t the best there is, but his passion coupled with his originality has taken him far.

“Because when we talk about music for music, rhythm, and arrangement and everything, in all honesty it’s not extraordinary but the passion in what he is saying that is what touches all our hearts. If you listen to what he’s saying,” he added.

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