Ghanaian sensational artist Black Sherif has revealed why he keeps using the names “Kwaku Killa and “Kwaku Frimpong” in his songs.

Speaking in his near-hoarse voice on a Spotify RADAR Africa interview, Black Sherif disclosed that he used to be bullied over the Kwaku names he uses.

“You see now I use Kwaku, KK, a lot. I used to get bullied for it. At the time, I was Sherif Frimpong Ismail”, the artist said.

Explaining the reason why he was bullied over his name ‘Frimpong’, Black Sherif said, “At the time, I was Sherif Frimpong Ismail. Those bullies would say, ‘How are you, a Muslim, calling yourself Frimpong”, he said.

“I didn’t like the Frimpong name, even though that’s my father’s name. Due to that history, I have always felt I have to do something, I have a debt to pay, pay my dues, so that name would be mentioned and honored. That’s why I never front Sherif Muhammed Ismail a lot”.

“I rather from Kwaku Frimpong, he stressed. The name is actually my identity, he added.