Ghanaian highlife artiste, Fameye, says he will feel “100 percent” let down if he doesn’t win at least an award in the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

The singer and rapper said he should take home at least a plaque out of the 5 categories he was selected in.

“I should be able to win at least one award. I have 5 nominations. I do not mind getting one out of the 5. Otherwise, I will be extremely disappointed in the VGMA.”

However, even though he is “super cool” about the recognition of his works by the award scheme, he pointed out that he is somewhat confounded about not being nominated for the Highlife Song of the Year award.

“Well, I was nominated for the Highlife Artiste of the Year, so I was thinking I would have gotten a nomination for Highlife Song of the Year. But I don’t know how that was considered.”

Many musicians, pundits and show hosts have expressed discontent regarding the VGMA nominations.

On his Ekwansodwodwo show, Abeiku Santana pointed out that he couldn’t fathom why Fameye was not added to the Artiste of the Year list.

Reacting to this, Fameye indicated that if he is chosen for that coveted category, he will “win” it.

Robert Klah, the PRO of VGMA, however said “Fameye was shortlisted for Artiste of the Year. Just that he couldn’t make the final cut.”

Regardless of his misgivings, which according to him are not so important, he expressed how thankful he is about his music career so far.

“Four or 5 years ago, I was just watching VGMA from home and trying to get into the unsung category, I never got the chance. And fast forward, I won the Best New Artiste of the Year (2021) and now people want me to be part of the artiste of the Year.”

He asked the interviewer if that was not “refreshing” and “awesome”.