Artist vibe Africa is one of the entertainment shows seeking to bring African entertainments under one umbrella. A show created to bridge local and global partnership, especially for those in the diaspora who want to push their creative works in Africa.

The latest episode had the privilege of catching up with Cina soul,
known off showbiz circles as Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome  a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and recording artist. A finalist at the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Icons competition held in Accra, Ghana. She is a native of the Ga tribe in Ghana. She studied psychology and archaeology at the University of Ghana.

Cina is the second of three children, Cinas talent is believed to have been inherited from her father, because she has other siblings that are endowed with singing prowess.

She was the guest on AVA hosted by koby kyei one of Ghana most celebrated and respected blogger. Artist Vibe Africa, which shows on Saturdays at 2:30pm on GhOne TV, is to help promote creative works, while pushing tourism to another pedestal.

The Ojole hit maker laid to bare her fluency in answering questions as the conversation touched on lots of interesting tangent in entertainment.

One of the questions that raised the conversation to it crescendo was when the host Kobby Kyei quizzed why most winner’s of reality shows ends up struggling in the industry after chalking that success.

Cina soul was quick at shooting down the question by saying “kidi broke that status quo”. She further elaborated on the question by citing herself as an example being a product of a reality show herself.

The first reason she mentioned as to why lots of reality show winners find it difficult to excel after the show is complacency. Because she feels after the glams and glory most artists turn to relax as the feel they have arrived.

She agreed she would not have worked harder as she has if she had emerged the winner of Vodafone icons way back in 2014.

She believes that more work needs to be infused into the artistes craft and making connections with the right people, is the only antidote that can shoot an artiste to fame and not by riding on the back of reality shows.

Make a date with Kobby kyei this and every Saturdays at 2:30pm on GhOne TV, to catch all the artist vibes around Africa.