Blakk Rasta in a fair submission has said that if Black Sherif isn’t careful, he will become a one-way artist since the two songs of his he has listened to are similar.

Blakk Rasta sees Black Sherif as someone who has a certain grace that is moving with him because a lot of people have released better songs than Kweku The Traveler yet he is making waves that he should learn from the mistake of others and not repeat the same.

According to him, he has listened to only 2 songs from Black Sherif and they both sound similar, and even though similarities don’t make it the same, if he doesn’t take care he will become a one-way artist.

Therefore, he should take advantage of the grace in his life and learn from the mistakes of others already in the industry so he doesn’t repeat the same mistake and he will become great.

Blakk Rasta is right to say most of the songs of Black Sherif sound similar hence we hope he takes this advice and does something different so he doesn’t become a one-way artist because, with that, fans will not be interested in listening to his songs.

video below;