Popular Ghanaian multi-talented sound engineer Albert Serebo Ayeh-Hanson aka Ball J has affirmed Sarkodie as the fastest rapper in Ghana.

Ball J in answering if is indeed Sarkodie is the fastest rapper in Ghana as claimed by many, responded ‘if you try to be faster than Sarkodie, you are going to go offbeat’.

He claims that Sarkodie that hit the speed of time and so going faster than him takes you offfbeat.

Ball J explained that Sarkodie is able to use tongue twisters or jaw-breaking words in his rap which many rappers can not do, the reason he is the biggest and fastest rapper.

He went further to add that Sarkodie is able to say more words and attacks in a pate of 4 seconds.

However, Ball J was quick to ad that he and Jayso started rapping fast but they did not master their craft, Sarkodie did.