Ghanaian artiste, Kwaw Kese says he is the “King of Kings” in terms of music in Ghana.

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, he claimed that all secular musicians, including rapper Sarkodie, take inspiration from the works he has produced over the years.

“When it comes to Ghana music, I’m the King of Kings. It’s been 20 years, and my song is still number one. Which king again? We have the king of the dancehall, the king Sark, and all the other kings, but who is the king of all these people? I am the king. They all look up to me,” he boasted.

The rapper implied that whatever the current crop of artistes are doing, he has already done and experienced them.

He also spoke about how people compare him to lunatics, due to his alleged intake of cannabis. Kwaw Kese said he is “a beautiful madman” who is rich and responsible.

“I’m driving a nice car and dressing nice. I don’t eat from the gutters, my kids go to better schools, and I take care of my family.”

That notwithstanding, the rapper said he has stopped smoking due to his current age and for health purposes.

Born Emmanuel Kofi Botwe, Kwaw Kese reigned in Hiplife and rap, and undoubtedly served hiplife lovers with great tunes from the late 90s to the early 2000s.