Radio personality and journalist, Halifax Ansah Addo has said persons condemning socialite Hajia 4real should allow her to celebrate life while still living.

The pundit shared his submission saying, in as much as she is facing challenges it does not stop her from appreciating life.

Speaking on UTV’s Showbiz Night, he said until the socialite is proven guilty of all charges alleged against her, there is no reason for her not to celebrate her birthday.

“Hajia has been accused, not found guilty. even persons who are in jail or dead still are remembered and celebrated.

“She looks good and not depressed, let’s allow her to enjoy life. if her position is that she is innocent then her theatrics and antics of proving innocence aren’t wrong. She is known for celebrating her birthday over the years and showing off so I see nothing wrong with her celebrating amid her challenges”

“Unless she is found guilty, she is allowed to live her life. we hope to see her home as she said”

Meanwhile, OAP Black Rasta has a different opinion, he believes Hajia 4real is drawing enemies to herself for making such appearances amidst such allegations.