Safo Kantanka Junior, the CEO of Kantanka Automobiles, has insisted that the Kantanka vehicles are durable and are fully capable of participating in a journey from Accra to London.

During an interview on TV3, the head of Kantanka Automobiles explained that the vehicles manufactured by the Ghanaian automotive company are designed to excel across diverse terrains.

Kantanka Junior was responding to criticisms that, his cars failed to be part of the Accra to London road trip because Kantanka did not have cars of the right quality for such a trip

Safo Kantanka Junior elaborated on his strategy, mentioning that he had dispatched select models of Kantanka vehicles to both the Ghanaian presidency and the Asantehene for rigorous evaluation.

He further emphasized that these esteemed individuals who subjected the vehicles to testing found no faults and provided positive endorsements regarding the cars’ sturdiness and comfort.

“The cars are durable. The Kantanka automobiles are used at the presidency, they are used by high-profile personalities like the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osie TuTu II. I even gave one of my pickup vehicles to John Dumelo for a month, and none of them have had any comaplains about the car.” Kantanka Junior said.

Earlier, in a viral comment about the Accra to London historic road trip, the 10,000KM by-road travellers approached the Ghanaian car manufacturing company to collaborate with its team but their pursuit became fruitless.