The Highly Spiritual Music (HSM) label, headed by renowned sound engineer and producer, David Kojo Kyei popularly known as Kaywa has finally spilled details of how musician Lasmid left the label.

In a recent interview with KMJ on Joy Prime TV, music producer Kaywa expressed his disappointment over the departure of his artist, Lasmid.

Kaywa said that he was “very disappointed” that Lasmid had chosen to leave the Highly Spiritual Music label, but that he understood his decision.

But somebody like Lasmid after investing, wishing to take him to the next level. Um, if I begin to talk about what the investment is, you would know that we really went deep. Yeah. Had a conversation with him and then we had to move to our next level. Then suddenly the conversation we had was sealed, was not written written, but it was sealed with understanding both of us with evidence. Suddenly the narrative changes because now he’s become big and he’s been influenced by saying people in our, our circle.

Lasmid’s departure from Highly Spiritual Music is the second high-profile exit from the label in recent months. In May, Mr. Drew also left the label after his contract expired.