In a recent interview, Mary shed light on the challenges she faced while working for the popular artiste, Kuami Eugene. According to Mary, Kuami Eugene initially paid her 400 cedis, which was later increased to 600 cedis after two years of service. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and misunderstandings, Kuami Eugene allegedly kicked her out of his house.

Mary explained that she was sent on an errand by a lady friend of Kuami Eugene and returned home late, which led to her dismissal. Kuami Eugene reportedly gave her two options: either to pack her things or receive 400 cedis as her salary after the increment.

In a previous interview last year, Kuami Eugene had expressed admiration for Mary, featuring her in TikTok videos and songs. Mary claimed that she collapsed three times while living with Kuami Eugene.

In a new revelation, Mary disclosed instances where there was no food at home, and she would starve because Eugene hadn’t given her money to buy groceries. Despite being the cook in the house, Mary stated that there were times when there were no food supplies, and when she asked Kuami Eugene for money, he allegedly procrastinated, leaving her hungry.

Although Kuami Eugene has not issued an official statement regarding the allegations, Mary’s claims include a strained relationship with her former boss, citing issues with salary, late errands, and insufficient food supplies. Kuami Eugene’s recent Instagram caption using the phrase “Nipa Bi Y3 Cobra” adds a mysterious touch to the unfolding saga.