Award winning blogger and Vfx artist Fortune Gideon Boateng known in showbiz as Kwami Fortune is set to host an online masterclass for new acts on the music space.

It’s a one-on-one online class for Newbies who do not understand the distribution, publishing, marketing and other necessary aspects about their career. 

It’s mainly for independent, new and young artists helping themselves out there. 

Music distribution and marketing is one major factor to consider as a musician because that’s an avenue for you to showcase your craft to to the world through digital stores and make money from your music. 

Publishing and other stuffs also helps in tracking your royalties, playlisting and other important items to be understood. 

You don’t want to miss this class. Just register with an amount of 70ghc and get to know more about the above mentioned. 

Call/WhatsApp 0545197946 or @kwamifortune on social media platforms to get in touch with him personally.