The line between friends and enemies is very slim, as the same can be said of the relationship between Kwaw Kesse and Sarkodie. 

The two artistes who were on the last two music label under Hammer had a bond as they were featured the famous ‘You Dey Craze’ song six years ago. However, that bond and relationship seem to have hit the rocks. However, the distortion of the friendship was initiated by Kwaw Kese in (2021) when he called outs Sarkodie for being an ungrateful person.

Kwaw Kese publicly recorded a video detailing why he called Sarkodie an ungrateful individual. According to him; he played a major role in Sarkodie music career during the times he had nothing. He added that Sarkodie had not been returning his calls and he had sent him songs for a featured but all proved futile.

But after a series of chastisements and insults, Kwaw Kese has a new song with Sarkodie titled ‘Win’. 

The moral of this issue is; that sometimes we need to be patient. Not to be in support of Sarkodie but one can attest to the fact that Sarkodie is an artiste with a huge schedule. For all you know he gets thousands of songs to feature in a day. Hence his busy schedule to return calls and messages etc. 

In a nutshell; I would suggest Kwaw Kesse to publicly apologize to Sarkodie if indeed he wants his new song to milk him good money. Moreover, Sarkantion and natives are pained by such an act by Kwaw Kese and they need an unqualified apology.