During last Sunday’s segment of ‘For The Culture’ which airs on ABN’s Radio One, award-winning DJ cum presenter, DJ Slim dropped a lot of information about how sensational Ghanaian singer Black Sherif and the man who was investing in his craft were at a crossroads now.

DJ Slim while speaking on the show said Black Sherif was being ungrateful to this manager despite how the man had been generous to pump his money into his craft.

According to him, Black Sherif decided to pack out of the house his manager acquired for him and all the members of his team and also went behind to sign a contract with Empire Records.

DJ Slim also added that Black Sherif was surprising doing all these after this man had invested over $300,000 into his music and image.

While Black Sherif and members of his team have not come out to make any comment on these allegations so far, we at zionfelix.net have had the rare privilege of speaking with the man in question.

In an interview he granted Zionfelix, he confirmed that it is indeed true that Black Sherif is no longer in the house he got for him.

According to him, this happened after he decided to sack the ‘Second Sermon’ hitmaker’s road manager from the house for making him and the artiste lose a dumper deal.

He revealed that he placed a call to Sherif’s road manager to ensure that the artiste was at a particular interview but the guy failed to do so and as such, he decided to kick him off the team.

His actions however angered Black Sherif who decided to pack out of the house as well and change some critical details which shows that he is his manager.

The ‘secret’ manager of Black Sherif added that all these have come as a shock to him because he was actually building a house for him because he wants him o live a comfortable life even though he has spoilt two expensive cars he got for him.

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