For the first time in Obuasi, Medikal and Tulenkey will mount the same platform to entertain the Golden city. The event which is organised by E3 Movement will also witness the performances of other artistes including Obuasi’s own  Atia Eftee, Qwin Bina among others.

Medikal announced on Twitter on Monday, September 13 about the release of his new album, Wolf. “Wolf” is his 6th body-of-work. It follows “Medikation Mixtape” (2013), “Disturbation” album (2017), “The Plug” EP (2019), “Island” EP (2020), “The Truth” EP (2020). The people of Obuasi may be lucky to have a feel of his new album if released before October, 2nd, 2021.

Tulenkey, who recently posted a picture of him graduating from a University also added to the post on Twitter that, he was “sorry for the wait! Done with what kept me away all this while. More music on the way.” And true to his word, he is bringing more music and fun to Obuasi next month.

The organizer and Promoter of the event, DJ Kenny, who is also part of the DJs for the night, revealed to KwameMotion.com2 that the event will educate and have a positive impact on the Obuasi economy.

“We are expecting about 25,000 at the Len Clay Sports Stadium and this will definitely impact economic activities in and around the area” he said.

He also revealed there would be a talk on the negative impact of hooliganism by the security agencies on the day.

The event takes place at the Obuasi Len Clay Sports Stadium on 2nd October, 2021 at 6pm. All Covid-19 protocols would strictly be observed.

To perform alongside Medikal and Tulenkey are K-Flex, Atia Eftee, Tipgy Hriimm, Jay Van, G-Naze , Qwin Bina, Golden Chino, Datz, Bi Weezy among others.

DJ Kenny, DJ Shaker, DJ Osebo, DJ IT, DJ Last 2 will be the DJs for the night. The rest are DJ T I, DJ Okat and DJ Wasty.

“We are urging everyone to come in their numbers to support and make this event a big success. We wish to make this an annual event and the support of everyone is needed.