Ghanaian rapper Medikal has shared his perspective on the importance of patience and his belief in Ghana’s eventual recognition at the Grammy Awards. He stressed that rushing the process is not the solution and acknowledged the disappointment of Ghana’s absence from this year’s Academy Awards nominations. However, he remains hopeful about the gradual development of a strong reputation for Ghanaian music on the global stage. Medikal sees the current situation as an opportunity for preparation and improvement in the future.

During an appearance on UTV’s Showbiz Night, he explained that achieving such recognition is a challenging journey, and artists are dedicatedly working to pave the way for the day when Ghana’s music industry shines on the global stage.

Medikal stated, “I believe that everything happens in its own time. There was a time when no Ghanaian artist was recognized at the BET Awards, but gradually, artists like Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and Blakk Cedi have left their mark on the award stage. With time, the right moment will come.”

He also emphasized, “Earning such recognition requires relentless effort. Those who make it to the nominee list have won multiple BET Awards, filled arenas like the O2, and achieved numerous milestones. People shouldn’t think that Ghana’s absence on the Grammy stage reflects poorly on the quality of our music. It’s just a matter of waiting for the right time.”

Medikal expressed understanding for Stonebwoy’s situation and the hard work he has put into his music career, stating that it’s neither fair nor amusing for people to criticize him for missing out on a nomination after submitting his music for consideration. He likened the situation to taking an exam and waiting for the results, with the possibility of success in the future.