Ghana’s Afro-pop sensation and rapper, Medikal, is gearing up to headline his anticipated musical spectacle, the “Planning and Plotting Experience” concert, slated for December 16, 2023. In a recent interview on TV3’s New Day, on November 10, 2023, Medikal shared insights into this upcoming event, assuring fans that despite the cancellation of the “Freedom Concert” with Dancehall Artiste Shatta Wale, this new experience will unfold at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

Breaking away from the conventional concert mold, Medikal promised a unique ambiance for his audience, featuring diverse music genres from other artists. He emphasized that the “Planning and Plotting Experience” goes beyond the typical concert setup, offering a distinctive insight into his life with surprises in store for attendees.

Addressing the interpretation of his lyrical content, Medikal asserted his identity as a rapper, urging listeners to decipher his verses as ‘bars,’ characteristic of the rap genre. Inviting his dedicated fan base, he exclaimed, “It is a new experience I intend to bring on board,” encouraging everyone to be part of this extraordinary event on December 16 at La Palm.

Reflecting on the public versus private persona, Medikal acknowledged the contrast between his flamboyant online presence and his personal life as Samuel Frimpong. He advised his followers not to be swayed by the images presented on social media, emphasizing the dichotomy between the character Medikal portrays on stage and the person he is offstage.

Amidst the concert anticipation, Medikal also unveiled his latest musical endeavor, the 2023 album, ‘Planning & Plotting.’ Released less than a year after ‘SOCIETY,’ this 14-track album features collaborations with industry heavyweights such as Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Jay Bahd, Ofori Amponsah, and others. Medikal expressed confidence that this album represents a pivotal moment in his career, destined to captivate and ignite discussions within the Ghanaian rap scene.