Black Sherif has taken the global stage with his debut album The Villain I Never Was, which is out today via RBA / EMPIRE.

The album,  The Villain I Never Was discusses Black Sherif’s trials and tribulations.

One of the songs on the 14-track album which has gained massive attention on the internet is “Oh Paradise”.

The song talks about his first love Clementina Konadu who died when she was just 17 years old in 2017 when they were both in SHS at Kumasi Academy.

Reports on the internet have it that Clementina died from cerebral spinal meningitis. 

The singer had dreams of living his entire life with the late Clementina Konadu nicknamed Akua Thug Life but unfortunately, death shattered his dreams along the line.

I personally suspect that Black Sherif intentionally wrote and sang the whole ‘Oh Paradise” in Twi because that’s the best language to express himself on how he feels about his first love’s death to date.

Citing the lyrics of the song, Black Sherif wanted to share the spotlight and his wins with Clementina because she believed in him when he had nothing.


The reviews about Black Sherif’s debut album are amazing and hopefully, he will bag many nominations and wards with this masterpiece.