Bryhim Sings is a Nigerian musician with a unique sound influenced by his upbringing in Ghana and Lagos. With a Togolese mother and Nigerian father, Bryhim’s diverse background is reflected in his music, which is a fusion of African rhythms, pop, and R&B.


He honed his skills in school in Ghana before returning to Lagos to pursue his music career. He has collaborated with several Nigerian and Ghanaian artists and producers, including Streetboss, Oxygen Beatz, and Alabii. Bryhim has recorded numerous songs showcasing his unique sound and diverse musical influences, such as “Alubarika”, “Jorley,” “Trenches Anthem,” “Bra fie,” “Carry Go,” and “My Side.” He has received awards for his talent and was named the Fast Rising Talent of 2020 by the Ghana Youth Entertainments Awards.

With his powerful voice and captivating stage presence, Bryhim Sings is poised for great success in the African music scene.