The Ghanaian entertainment industry keeps growing from day to day, but in as much as artists are growing their brands, there have been a lot of artists out there looking for help to get into the limelight.

Ghanaian blogger, Kobby Kyei who has been using his brand to maximize impact in the country and outside sought to impact again, in an interview with Ghanaian Female artiste Mona4reall.

Mona happens to be one of the fastest-growing female artists in the Ghanaian music industry, and she has a lot of great things coming up for people with talents in the entertainment industry.

On the Artist Vibe Africa show, Kobby Kyei asked if she has the intention to sign some artists, she admitted;

“Oh, definitely, that’s the goal to get there and get people to also to get there as well.”

Apparently, there have been a few female artists coming from the North.

Mona admitted she will be using her platform to pick up talents of the North as there have been a lot of talents in the Northern part of Ghana.

She said;

“Oh, Yeah! I have plans for talented people all over Ghana and not just the North, of course, I’m from the North. When I start to sign artistes, I will definitely go to the North, I will go to Kumasi, different regions to look for great talents from all over. So it’s something I have in plan and very soon it’s going to be out and people will get to know about it.

Mona4Reall has displayed much love in being generous in the music industry, that is helping others as well to make it through the talents they have been blessed with.

Thinking of helping other talents up is a good intention of Mona4Reall. It would be a good feeling if all artists think of helping to grow other talents just as some have been doing.